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How much do you we exaggerate what we relate about our lives? Do you add a few degrees of drama in relating an exciting story? Do you downplay how much you worry, or are hurt? This tendency to increase or decrease the reality of our situation comes at a price. We push the way we relate ourselves to others toward the extremes.

Consider the possibility that nearly every form of entertainment, advertising, and social media is exaggerated to some degree. How much does that influence how we relate to each other? It becomes difficult to have empathy for ourselves or others when we only see their highlight reel on our phones; or to find common ground when every encounter is either the best or worst thing that has ever happened to us.

How can you reduce this exaggeration? The language we use to communicate is important. Removing the expectation for every event to be life changing (awesome, epic, huge), allows for perfectionism to be taken out of our experiences. Practice noticing where you exaggerate. Try to reduce that exaggeration by even a small percent. If you could reduce the amount of exaggeration in your thoughts and language, you can have more room for life to be meaningful and fulfilling. –



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