Revisiting Allophilia

It is worth revisiting Allophilia to identify the elements of this term. Remember, Allophilia is holding in positive regard someone who is different from you. It was coined to define the opposite of prejudice.

There are four components to Allophilia – Admiration, Trust, Connection, and Engagement. Does that help paint a better picture?

Admiration – What does that mean for you? When admiring something/someone, how do you react or feel? What do you admire about others who differ from you greatly?

Trust – There are elements to, and styles of trust. What are yours? What pieces are missing from your trust model concerning people who are different?

Connection – Even with all of our technology, we live in what appears to be a fragmented and disconnected world. I truly believe we are all connected; even if we don’t understand how, or don’t like it. How do you connect to others? Understanding your connections offers insight into how to take an addition step connecting to different people.

Engagement – How does engagement different from connection? Do you pay attention to yourself with you engage with people? How do you typically act? What if the way you interacted with others was more positive? How would that change how the world looked to you?

Which pieces need the most development for you? My request is to make a practice of revisiting Allophilia as a daily practice. There is a significant benefit for you personally by enhancing this skill in your daily life.-

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