Through the Trench, Not Around

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Remember Dory and Marlin in ‘Finding Nemo’? In their journey, they were given the instructions to go through the trench, not around in order to find their way.

When they arrived the trench looked scary and dangerous. Marlin was able to convince Dory to swim up over the top of the trench. This unwittingly led them directly into a swarm of poisonous jellyfish. It turns out that avoiding the tough spot was more dangerous than going through. They both were seriously injured. Their journey nearly came to an end.

Have you felt like Dory and Marlin in the last few weeks (months)? We are facing lots of very large obstacles personally and as a community. Life looks and sounds scary and dangerous in many places right now. Have you been given a signal of which way to go? Can you trust it? Are you avoiding the tough decisions?

Ironically, this image of the trench is not new. This idea of being led safely down a treacherous road is at least as old as the Old Testament. The 23rd Psalm talks about being “led through the valley of the shadow of death”. Sounds like Finding Nemo!

What is your own version of the trench? Are you taking the easy way out by not participating in the tough situations we are facing? Will you be setting yourself up for more hurt later by not taking the tougher road? How are you going to find the courage to step forward and do the tough work? It seems like now is a great time to start. –

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