Trust The Process

Has anyone ever asked you to ‘Trust The Process’? What was your reaction?What is embedded in that statement?

First, there IS a process. A sequence of events is developing around you even if it looks chaotic. It implies a mindset that your life has something bigger going on that you can’t see. The internal resolution that whatever decision you need to make, or conflict you are in, has a solution out beyond where you are currently standing. How often do you get bogged down in the details of your daily life and forget there is a bigger plan playing out around you?

Second, you have the ability to trust. I’ve talked before about what trust is and how it works. Understanding that for yourself creates a willingness to let things play out. Having faith to see what comes next. An attitude that you are willing to let go of a bit of control to find a solution you don’t have yet.

The ability to trust the process occurs at many many levels in our lives. It can be applied personally to your own story (do I need to change jobs?), corporately to our community story (when will it be my turn for the vaccine?), and universally to The Story (where is god leading us?).

Which levels in your own life could use 10% more of trusting the process? How would you appear differently in the world if you allowed the process to unfold without knowing the outcome? Where do you need to start? –

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