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try a workshop - Rhoads Life Coaching

Looking for a team building activity?

Or a small group event?

Have you ever considered a self-development workshop? 

Rhoads Life Coaching offers a series of workshops intended to build internal awareness and relationship skills. These workshops are great for small business team building, staff development, and enhancing communication skills. The workshops are also great for small groups looking for a fun approach to building relationship and communication skills.

Topics include:Try a Workshop! - Rhoads Life Coaching

  • Intentional Goal Setting
  • Personality Styles
  • Conflict Resolution I
  • Conflict Resolution II
  • Creating Personal Vision
  • Creating Personal Purpose Statement
  • Priority Action Plan (PAP) Development

The best part of these workshops is their flexibility and adaptability to a specific group. If you are looking for a staff retreat or private small group event, these workshops can be molded to each setting, whether that is a business setting or an afternoon at home with friends. Check out more details here, and send a email to to book your next workshop!

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